with Duck Back Transom
flat/slick bottom & Triple Taper chine

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New 2011 RiverJet XL
Basic Luxry loaded with performance that only our shallow water triple
taper chine can deliver. Rear box seat storage and concole livewell.

"We are a leading authority in shallow water boat design and engineering.
These jet boats use our legendary shallow water triple taper chine hulls that
turn on a dime, have great hole shots and carry a load." explains Glenn Foreman,
CEO and manager of Excel Boats and Mud Buddy. "You won't find
better quality, workmanship and performance."

Excel Riverjet

1751 Excel Riverjet XL

Excel Riverjet

RiverJet Excel

1860 Excel RiverJet XL
With front deck storage, livewell fiberglass consol and rear box seat storage.


Center Console Excel

1860RJVCCU RiverJet Center Console Utility

1851EX RiverJet Side Console

Excel RiverJEt

All models have the new Exceleration™ hull.
Triple Taper Chine
2" Tunnel Option Available
  Modified V Bow Flat Bow
center console
center console

side console
utility or carpet

side console
utility or carpet
side console
LENGTH 18' 2" 18' 2" 18' 3" 18' 2" 18' 2"
BOTTOM 60" 60" 51" 60" 60"
BEAM 74" 74" 66" 74" 74"
PER/LBS 5/700 5/700 4/560 5/700 5/700
25" 25"
25" 25"
24" 24" 23" 24" 24"
5052 GA
.125 .125 .125 .125 .125
MAX HP (Jet) 150/105 150/105 115/80 150/105 150/105
2" Tunnel Option yes yes yes yes yes

(Triple Taper Chine)


Loaded with Standard Features

  • Exceleration™ Hull with flat/slick bottom
    and Triple Tapered chine
  • Running lights
  • .100 hull (5052)
  • Extruded gunwale rail w/rubber bumper
  • Bilge pump - 800gph
  • Full Coast Guard floatation
  • 20" - 17 degree transom
  • Welded-in aluminum floor
  • Longitudinal 6063 ribs
  • All aluminum transom
  • Triple Tapered Chime (turns on a dime, no slip)
  • Center or Side Console
  • Gauges
  • Front and Rear Deck Seat Bases
  • Front Deck Storage
  • Rear Deck Fuel Tank and Battery Storage
  • Front deck prewired for depth finder 12v
  • Excel custom seating
  • Rear deck storage (1860)
  • Front deck storage
  • Seat bases - three rear and 1 front (1860)
  • Seat bases - 1 rear and 1 front (1851)
  • Excel custom paint
  • EX 1851 paint options
    Candy Apple Red
    Ford Silver
    Indigo Blue


Our triple taper chine hull is tough and different.


1860 RiverJet Utility





Super Liner
available in standard Khaki and camo finish.

Excel Duck Hunting Boat

- texture
- cool to the touch
- durability
- low slip

Boat carpet color options:
Slate Gray and Country Beige

carpet graycarpet coountry beige


Boat paint options:
Candy Apple Red - Ford Silver - Indigo Blue - White

redcolor silvercolor bluecolor white


Three great camo pattern options available

Realtree Max-4

Realtree Max 4

Natural Gear Brown

Natural Gear

Natural Gear Green

Natural Gear Timber


Built tough.

This is what makes our boats different.

There are two different types of aluminum boat floor construction - Cross Ribs (competition) and Longitudinal Rive (Excel)

Inside the Excel floor we stitch weld longitudinal ribs. These 2" X 4" ribs are the toughest in the industry.

Excel Boat ConstructionExcel Boat Construction

Check out these boat bottom illustrations.

With the Excel longitudinal ribs - the boat bottom resits waving. This produces better performance.

Excel Hull

Cross ribbing will eventually allow the bottom to wave. This distortion leads to reduced performance.

Square chine and our triple taper chine.

This illustration shows our triple taper chine with flat bottom (green arrow) and how other boats are built with a square chine (red arrrow). Our triple taper design allows the water to roll off the side differently to make a drier ride. Our triple taper round chine also allows the boat to roll into a turn and turn on a dime.

The square chine boat illustrated with the red arrows causes water to rise up along the side of the boat for a wetter ride. The square chine causes the boat to slide in turns.

Exceleration Hull

The Triple Taper chine on our boats provides superior lift, a drier ride and allows the boat to roll into turns for top notch performance.

Duck Boat Hunting

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